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  • Multiple Care Pro
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  • The Transformed Healthy Living Style - AIA Healthy Living Chat Room
  • The Transformed Healthy Living Style - AIA Healthy Living Chat Room
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  • Invest the easy way!

    Use your COL Financial account to invest in any of PAMI's Peso-Denominated Mutual Funds.
  • New! Fund Selector Tool

    If you want to invest for the future, but don't know which funds to choose, try the PAMI fund selector tool.
  • New! How $avvy are you?

    Take part in our fun quiz to see how your Financial IQ measures up.
    Multiple Care Pro
  • New! PAMI Funds Performance Charts

    Now you can create a chart tracking the fund's NAVPS movement and also see your return on investment.
    Executive Care Pro
  • Your future, our mission!

    Watch the new video update to see how PAMI is committed to helping you reach your financial goals.

    Coming soon!

    AIA Premier Academy
  • Are you on track for a comfortable retirement?

    Do you know how much you need to save for your retirement? The PAMI retirement calculator can help you.


    The Transformed Healthy Living Style - AIA Healthy Living Chat Room
  • New! PAMI Money Mentor

    If you are new to the world of investing
    Money Mentor will teach you some important lessons, in plain English!
    Critical illness is best dealt with early
  • PAMI Funds Quick Info

    Know our list of funds, latest available Net Asset Value Per Share, returns and other useful information.
    PAMI Funds Quick Info

Featured Fund   

    Grow with the Philippines' 30 largest corporations with PAMI's newest fund

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Notes for Newbies   

    Buying at the absolute low and selling at the peak is nearly impossible in practice. There is, however, a time-tested approach that can take the guesswork out of market timing.

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